I Stand With You.

I have written and rewritten this post so many times because I just can’t find the right words to say. I recorded my initial thoughts and feelings on my podcast “Goodnight, Georgia” but I definitely didn’t say everything I wanted to. I don’t have much of a platform but I want to do what I can to show my support towards the black community.

Black lives matter.

There is no reason that a person should fear the people that are supposed to protect them. There is no excuse for the amount of deaths of black Americans at the hands of police. There is NO excuse. There is no excuse for them to be labeled as “thugs” or “criminals” when their white counterparts are labeled as “mentally ill” and “misguided.” 

There is no reason that a black person can’t enjoy a day in the park without someone calling the police on them. There is no reason they can’t go into a store without being watched like a hawk by people waiting for them to do something so they can call the police. There is no reason that they can’t leave a traffic stop alive. How is this okay? When did this become okay? How can you not be angry about this?

Black lives matter.

To the people that have a problem with these protests:

Why? Why does it make you so mad for people to demand justice? For people to demand the same rights as everyone else? Why do you have a problem with it? 

There have been peaceful protests for YEARS and nothing has changed. Colin Kaepernick kneeled every Sunday during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and you all still had a problem with that. How are these protests worse than when hundreds of white men stormed state buildings HEAVILY ARMED because they wanted to go get haircuts and didn’t want to wear masks? Where is your outrage for that?

Not to mention that these protests started out peaceful and that is what these continually protesters want. Unfortunately, the majority of the vandalism and looting is coming from white opportunists that want to take advantage of this situation and take out their frustrations. You can see in countless videos where protesters are begging these people to stop because they know it is only going to make things worse.

You sit here and whine about the violence but fail to realize that most of this violence is coming from the police. There is no reason for them to be firing rubber bullets, spraying teargas, and beating people with batons for exercising their fucking rights. THIS is what starts the violence and aggression.

Black lives matter.

To the people that are scared of what’s going on:

GOOD. You should be scared. Imagine how the black community feels? They are scared every fucking day whether they are going to get to come home or not. This fear that you feel right now is NOTHING compared to what they feel on a daily basis. I do not feel sorry for you one bit.

Black lives matter.

Open your fucking eyes. This is the start of the revolution. We will do what it takes to get the justice that is long overdue. We will ensure that these changes are made and we won’t stop until that happens. 

To the black community:

I see you. I hear you. My heart aches with you. I stand with you.

You are beautiful. You are valid. You are important. You deserve to be able to live without fear. You deserve to be treated better than what you are. You deserve safety. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. 

I stand with you. I will fight with you. I will support you. I understand that I will never understand what you are going through. Keep fighting and make your voice heard. There will be justice for you.

I love you.

Black lives fucking matter.

If you want to know how you can help, then you can click the link below:




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