So Many Places, So Little Time

It is now Day 4 of my 30-day blogging challenge and today’s topic is: Places I want to visit. This list could honestly go on and on forever; it’s my dream to travel to every edge of this Earth. To spare you a lot of time, I will just focus on some of the main ones.

  1. Alaska – This one probably seems silly because it’s still the United States (why wouldn’t I want to go out of the country? … I still do) My grandmother and I were supposed to take an Alaskan cruise this June but we were unfortunately forced to cancel due to COVID-19. We had it all planned out and paid for and we were so excited until we realized it just wasn’t going to happen. My grandmother is getting older and I’m worried that she and I won’t be able to take this trip when it’s safe again. I would still love to go and be able to take pictures and videos for her to still get to experience it in some way.
  2. Halifax, Nova Scotia – I have wanted to visit Halifax ever since I started following Allie and Sam on Instagram. They live in Halifax so I see the pictures that they post and it just looks so beautiful. 
  3. Cephalonia, Greece – I was supposed to visit last year but things didn’t end up working out. If you don’t know what Cephalonia looks like, then go google it right now. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and it has the fascinating architecture that Greece embodies. I am dying to visit someday.
  4. Rome, Italy and Paris, France – I lumped these two together because I want to visit them for the same reasons. I have such a strong love for art and the history behind it so these two places are an art lover’s dream. You have The Louvre in Paris and the Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Vatican, etc. in Rome. There is so much art and architecture to be seen.
  5. Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan – Again, this one probably seems silly but it is what it is. MoMA is home to my favorite piece of art and I have dreamed of finally seeing it in person. The piece is called “Street, Dresden” by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and it is the most real and morbidly beautiful representation of social anxiety that I’ve seen. It’s so creepy, yet so beautiful and it has stuck with me since the very first time that I saw it. 
  6. Iceland
  7. New Zealand
  8. Jakarta, India
  9. Scotland
  10. Ireland

If I could just quit my job and spend the rest of my life traveling, then I would be completely happy. There are so many places that I want to go and so many places that I will probably never get to see. It’s exciting and also disappointing but that’s just the beauty of life. There will always be places left unexplored so we can just leave what they look like to our imagination.

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