I’m Writing My First Book!

I do have a confession, Georgia Calloway is not my real name which I’m sure you have realized by now. It’s a pseudonym that I blog under. I’ve always been scared of people reading my writing so I felt the only way I could put my writing out there is with a fake name. SoContinue reading “I’m Writing My First Book!”

Family Isn’t Always Everything.

Today is Day 5 of my 30-Day Blogging challenge and today’s topic might be one of the more difficult ones. The topic for today is: your parents. TRIGGER WARNING: Mental Illness, Self-Harm As I’ve talked about before, my relationship with my parents is complicated to say the least. My relationship with my mom is gettingContinue reading “Family Isn’t Always Everything.”

Oh Memories, Where’d You Go?

It’s Day 3 of my 30-day blogging challenge and today’s topic is: A Memory. I’ve been trying to decide what memory I want to share and whether I want it to be a happy memory. I really have so many memories that I could share and it’s so hard to pick just one. The firstContinue reading “Oh Memories, Where’d You Go?”

I Stand With You.

I have written and rewritten this post so many times because I just can’t find the right words to say. I recorded my initial thoughts and feelings on my podcast “Goodnight, Georgia” but I definitely didn’t say everything I wanted to. I don’t have much of a platform but I want to do what IContinue reading “I Stand With You.”

Surviving Quarentine

If you’re like me, then staying home 24/7 can be extremely difficult. I’m someone who likes to be constantly on the move because I can’t seem to sit still for longer than an hour. Sitting still also means dwelling on my thoughts which I try to avoid doing. However, I’ve found that some things haveContinue reading “Surviving Quarentine”

Meet the author

“The same way she rose from the sea, you rise like a phoenix from the ashes of things that no longer serve you. You mythic bird. You unbelievable thing.” — Trista Mateer Well hello there! My name is Georgia Calloway and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. I’m a 21 year old collegeContinue reading “Meet the author”